The 5 Best Things to Do This Summer at the Tioga History Museum

It’s summertime in Tioga County, and the Tioga History Museum is excited to offer a variety of exhibits, activities, and programs to our community. Read on to discover the 5 Best Things to Do This Summer at the Tioga History Museum!

1. Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger Hunt (7)

Scavenger hunts are a fun way to explore the museum, discover our collection, and learn about the history or Tioga County. Whether it’s trying to figure out the clues during a tour around the museum, or using your artistic skills on our Find and Sketch, we have no doubt you will have a blast! While targeted towards kids, we’ve noticed parents and other adults enjoying themselves as well! You never know what you’re going to discover at TCHS!

2. Explore the Civil War Exhibit

Civil War 3 Civil War Room

This is the last year to explore the Civil War exhibit, “The Cost of Freedom”, which can be found in our West Gallery. Our collection includes: a variety of original Brady prints, rare pictures of the Civil War; Apalachin native, and Civil War Brevet Brigadier General Benjamin Tracy’s medal of honor; Benjamin Loring’s military jacket, worn to Ford’s Theater the night of Lincoln’s assassination; and a large collection of various guns, drums, and artifacts.

This is the last year to view the exhibit in its entirety, so make sure you stop by to see this amazing collection!

3. Thinking Inside the Box

Chedder Cheese      Tioga Cigar Box

Boxes come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a carton, crate, package, trunk, tin, or chest; or whether it’s made of cardboard, wood, glass, plastic, silver, or gold– it’s still a box.

Our box exhibit, on loan from Tom McEnteer, includes boxes large and small. You can find a sea chest, traveling trunk, cigar boxes, jewelry boxes, and more. Many of the boxes were made right here in Tioga County!

“Thinking Inside the Box” can be viewed throughout the summer.

4. Kids Days

Kids Day Poster    11096658_10153715710571521_5002070495927514251_n

“Kid’s Day” is an event held at the museum on the first Saturday of every month. We offer these free events for kids of all ages, featuring games, activities, crafts and more. So far this year, we have made Easter crafts, popsicle stick American flags, family trees, and journals. We have learned about Owego native J. Alden Loring, the naturalist who accompanied President Theodore Roosevelt to Africa. After learning about his adventures, kids made their own safari hats and went on a “lion hunt”. These educational games and activities are offered to

5. Cheers for Chance

Cheers to Chance Flyer

TCHS is already preparing for O Tannenbaum, which will take place November 7-December 12. To get others in the holiday spirit, we are raffling off a special tree! You could win 100 lottery tickets, wine,special wine glasses, and more for the price of only $5 a ticket! Cheers to Chance at TCHS!

-Staci Becker, Marketing and Communications Cooridinator

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